Book cover of “Organic To The Core” by Donald Nordeng. Has two green apples on the cover, one whole, one eaten to the core.
Book Cover for Donald Nordeng’s New Book “Organic to the Core”


Since 1992 I have been selling or certifying organic food. That was when fire was still an innovation. Pre-internet. Pre-iTunes. Pre-iPhone. Organic is the fastest growing sector in the retail store, year on year, for a generation. Of course that is off a tiny amount back in 1992 when the first organic regulations were enacted in California and the EU.

After two years of writing and editing, Organic To The Core: Transform Your Business With




Cheesehead & Kiwi | New book: “Organic to the Core” on |

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Donald Nordeng

Donald Nordeng

Cheesehead & Kiwi | New book: “Organic to the Core” on |

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